Here you will find important information on submitting your work for publication in #Z.

  • What we’re looking for
  •  Submission guidelines for each medium
    • Prose
    • Poetry
    • Comics
    • Art
    • Other
  • How the submission process works
  • Submit your work
  • How to check the progress of your submission

What we’re looking for in submissions:

 Creative, entertaining work featuring casually queer protagonists. Work should be about a queer person who has an adventure, rather than a person who has an adventure because they are queer. The focus of the piece should be on telling an entertaining story, and not on “issues” like coming out, bullying, understanding your sexuality, transitioning, or homophobia. In most cases: your plot should function just as well with a straight character as it would with a queer character.

– Queer means gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, aromantic, transgender, non-binary genders, agender, intersex, ETC. ETC. ETC. times infinity. All variations of love, sex, and relationships.

Any genre is welcome. Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, mystery, thriller, steampunk, comedy, travel, historical fiction.. Whatever it is, bring it on.

Any medium is welcome. Prose, poetry, comics, art, etc.There are different submission criteria for each kind of medium, so please read the guidelines thoroughly. (If you have a medium we don’t have criteria for, send us an email and explain your work and we’ll figure it out.) Just remember… this is a print medium. So, while video and audio files are great, we can’t use them at this time.

Please keep your work at a PG-13 content level. No graphic erotica (although some sexual content is okay). No excessive or overly graphic violence. Course language should be relevant to the piece / not overused. We judge content on a case-by-case basis, and will work with you if we like your work minus some problematic areas.

Including diversity beyond sexuality and gender is highly encouraged. Work including characters that are racially or culturally diverse, or who are disabled, have a mental illness, or are part of a religion other than Christianity – these are some examples of diversity that would make your piece stand out from the others. Pieces featuring non-monogamy/polyamory are also encouraged, but note: polyamory does not automatically make a character queer. Polyamory between queer characters is great, however, and highly encouraged!

Work should be well-written and interesting. You can have all the diversity in the world, but if it’s boring or poorly crafted, we don’t want to read it.

– Works must not feature homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, misogyny, anti-religious sentiments, racism, ableism, bullying, abuse, sexual violence, etc. times infinity. Not even by villains. Your story should have conflict, and can even have an unhappy ending, but it should still be a safe place for any reader to enjoy. Those are all very important topics to discuss and write about, just not here.


Submission Guidelines:












How the Submission Process Works


Submit Your Work



Check Your Submission’s Progress




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